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DIAM, the new tradition.

For 20 years, our unique and unparalleled technology has revolutionized the consistent bottle aging of both still and sparkling wine. We are the first and remain the only authentic guardian of aromas, and we are proud to work together with winemakers to build this new standard every day.


Our gestures and our techniques are precise and inherited from an incomparable know-how.
Our shared desire to always do better encourages us to constantly reinvent ourselves, together.
Our deep-rooted attachment to the values of the land and our genuine passion for wine carry us through our work every day.
And it’s through our choices that we make all the difference.

Preferring certain grape varieties because they are best suited to a particular terroir or climate.
Deciding that the harvest is now because the grapes are ready.
Opt for a new blend because it reveals unexpected flavours.
Believe in a different ageing method because it may bring out the small detail that makes this cuvée remarkable.
Choosing the right DIAM because we know it will best preserve the aromas that make this wine, your signature.

Our unique and unparalleled technology has been revolutionizing bottle aging of still and sparkling wines for 20 years.
Today, we celebrate the pioneering and innovation spirit that continues to drive us.
Tomorrow, as a closure specialist, we will continue our commitment to winemakers and wine lovers with sincerity and humility.

The future is written every day in your vineyards, in your wineries and in our factories.

We are the first and still the only ones, the authentic guardians of aromas,
proud to build this new tradition every day with winemakers.

DIAM, the new tradition.

Press release

Diam Bouchage truly embodies the expression of a new closure tradition. The French company, respectful of the past and firmly focused on the future thanks to its unique cork closures, is today celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Diam.

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Through this series of videos, we want to highlight the unique portraits of winemakers who are imagining the future of oenological tools.

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